Railway Corporation signs agreement with private agency for transport of minerals and aggregates throughout country

The Jamaica Railway Corporation (JRC) has signed an agreement with Mineral Agency for Retail and Logistics for the movement of industrial minerals and aggregates, throughout the country.


The Transport Ministry signed the agreement with the mineral agency yesterday (March 28).


The contract will last fifteen years with an estimated value of $33 million for the first year.


The transportation agreement will also provide for the movement of aggregate from Old Harbour to Linstead, and on the return journey to transport marl from Bog Walk to Port Esquivel for shipment to Caribbean Islands.


The Ministry said this railway line will help alleviate congestion on the roads and reduce transportation costs, benefiting both the industry and the environment, as well as facilitate the movement of heavy cargo.


JRC General Manager, Donald Hanson said the project is a significant milestone for the Corporation.


Meantime, Transport and Mining Minister Audley Shaw noted that the agreement allows the Government to offer a more comprehensive transportation solution, while also supporting the development of the railway industry.



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