Public transport operators expected to withdraw services again in protest of issues with the government

Some public transport operators are reportedly planning to withdraw their services again on Monday, in protest of several outstanding issues with the government.

This, follows the latest attempt at a strike last Thursday, which was not well supported.

The transport operators are reportedly trying to pressure government into addressing the issue of providing them with an opportunity, to settle outstanding traffic tickets before the new road traffic act comes into place.

The strike is being organized by the One Voice Association of Public Transport Investors & Operators.

The group’s director of communications, Oscar Finnikin told Irie Fm news that operators met in downtown Kingston on Sunday evening and agreed that the withdrawal of services was warranted.

Meantime, another taxi association has distanced itself from today’s planned protest.

The National Council of Taxi Associations, Ncota, says in a recent meeting of its leadership, it discussed the recent proclamations being made by the “One voice group”, where they have been calling on taxi operators island wide, to participate in a strike this morning.

Ncota stressed that it was never a part of any meeting to discuss such a move, and while it empathizes with the operators, it is disassociating itself from supporting such lawlessness.

Ncota’s media liaison Dion Chance said the group believes in constructive dialogue at all times.


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