Public school teachers restive over salary and other concerns

The island’s public school teachers have again indicated that if there is no resolution to the salary problem, among others issues, they will take action.

What that action will be, remains to be decided.

Newly elected president of the Jamaica Teachers Association Leighton Johnson told reporters on Tuesday that the teachers are restive.

He said if the matters are not fixed by September, when the JTA holds its General Council Meeting, then there are options for next steps, that are available to the educators.

He noted that because the teachers are still awaiting a response from the government, no decision has been taken yet on those actionable options.

Johnson sought to assure that the actions taken, will not disrupt the new academic year.

Teachers have been upset about the anomalies in their pay since government implemented the public sector compensation review.

They say variations in the salaries received each month, and in the calculation for taxes continue.

In the past, when talks with the government fail, and issues remain unresolved, the teachers have resorted to taking industrial action, via sit ins, go slow, or calling in sick.


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