PSOJ urges stakeholders to work together on crime

The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) says if all stakeholders do not work together to solve the country’s crime problem, all will be liable for blame, if the issue gets out of hand.


The statement comes as Jamaica continues to record a high number of murders.


Since the start of the year, almost 1, 500 people, have been killed in the country.


Several business establishments, including gas stations, supermarkets, and most recently, a motor truck transporting cooking oil, have also been targets of criminal attacks.


In a bid to address the nation’s crime issue, Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared States of Emergency in several parishes, and has hinted that the measures, which will expire shortly, could be re-implemented during the Christmas season.


In noting the attacks on businesses, and the country, newly installed PSOJ president, Metry Seaga, is again stressing the need for a national consensus on fighting crime.


He said, if this is not achieved, all will be at fault for allowing criminals to continue to wreak havoc.



When asked if he would support the implementation of States of Emergency during the Christmas holiday, he said the organization would have to meet to discuss the matter.


Mr. Seaga noted, however, that the PSOJ has always supported the measure, and he does not expect this to change soon.



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