PSOJ says there is need for comprehensive crime-fighting strategy; urges Gov’t to re-engage on united crime strategy

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) says there is a need for a comprehensive and sustainable crime-fighting strategy, urging the Government to re-engage on a united crime strategy.

It made the call, even as it supports the imposition of a State of Public Emergency (SOE) for St. James.

It says the decision is a critical response to the escalating gang violence plaguing the parish, evidenced most tragically by the senseless killing of two young students and a man on Monday.

The PSOJ states that it vehemently condemns the spike in violent crimes in St. James, mainly when such acts result in civilian casualties.

It notes that the abhorrent reprisal attacks that have cost innocent lives cannot be overlooked and demand an immediate and decisive response.

According to the PSOJ, while it recognises the SOE as an immediate measure to curb the current tide of violence, it should be seen as a temporary solution, not a permanent fix.

The PSOJ asserts that although the SOE is not a long-term solution, it is necessary to reduce the surge of violent crime, including murders.

Chair of the PSOJ’s National Security and Justice Committee George Overton says the Government should reengage with the Crime Monitoring Oversight Committee (CMOC).

The PSOJ is advocating for a non-political, unified strategy in combating crime stating that citizens deserve to live without fear and to raise their families in a secure environment.


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