PSOJ deeply concerned with conduct of leaders in public domain

The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) says its deeply concerned about recent events in the public domain particularly emanating from individuals in leadership positions.

The organization said it feels compelled to address these issues as they impede the progress of the nation’s development.

The PSOJ highlighted matters related to chairman of the Police Federation Corporal Rohan James, General Secretary of the People’s National Party Dr Dayton Campbell and comments by former chairman of the PNP‘s Human Rights Commission Isat Buchannan.

The PSOJ said the recent statements made by Corporal Rohan James were misplaced, inappropriate for the event and that it displayed a severe lack of judgment.

It said institutions, especially those representing law enforcement, should exemplify the highest moral standards.

Furthermore, the PSOJ said it finds the recent statements by PNP General Secretary Dayton Campbell during a political conference held in North West Clarendon, referencing Minister Daryl Vaz as absolutely disgraceful.

It said Dr Campbell’s display of vulgarity on the political stage is reprehensible and sets a troubling example for the society.

And the organization also said the comments made by Mr Buchanan at DPP Paula Llewellyn exemplifies the urgent need for steadfast dedication to the values of decency, integrity, unity, and respect within the Jamaican society.

The PSOJ called on all individuals in leadership positions to lead by example, fostering an environment of mutual respect and upholding the values that are essential for the growth and prosperity of Jamaica.


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