PSOJ calls for heightened vigilance and comprehensive response to bomb threats

The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, (PSOJ) has called for heightened vigilance and a comprehensive response to the bomb threats which have been impacting the country, since last week.

The PSOJ said though no bomb was found or casualty sustained, it is aware that the threats are having a negative impact on Jamaica’s economy and society.

The PSOJ described the threats as a despicable manifestation of public mischief, which underscore a deep-seated moral deficit within certain elements of the society.

It said, the willingness to instill fear and chaos, particularly by targeting vulnerable sectors-such as schools, reflects a disturbing disregard for the well-being and safety of communities.

Such actions, the PSOJ said, must prompt a decisive response from the government.

The PSOJ stressed the need to establish and communicate proper protocols for responding to bomb threats.

This, it noted, will ensure that citizens know what steps to take in such situations reducing panic and disruption.


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