Protesting King Alarm workers call for better working conditions; Management rubbishes some of workers’ claims

Several workers attached to the King Alarm Security Company staged a protest at the entity’s Kingston office this morning over poor working conditions.

The placard-bearing employees say today’s demonstration symbolizes their frustration over how they are being treated.

Worker, Kevon Ashley told IRIE FM news that persons employed as response officers are being asked to carry out courier services without the proper vehicles and insurance coverage.

This, he explained is a threat to workers’ safety.

Mr. Ashley who also identified himself as one of the key persons trying to form a union for the workers, claimed that this move has not been well-received by the management.

He also pointed to other issues such as a lack of overtime pay, long working hours and little or no meal allowance.

Meanwhile, King Alarm’s Operations Manager, Delano Virgo said while there have been instances where the entity asked response officers to carry out courier services, it is not the standard.

Mr. Virgo also responded to claims about lack of overtime payment.

The operations manager also sought to rubbish claims that management has victimized staff who are seeking to become unionized.


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