Progress made at today’s meeting of public transport stakeholders about demerit points system

Some progress was made today at a meeting of stakeholders in the public transport sector, regarding the vexed issue of the traffic ticket demerit points system and suspension of drivers licences.

This in the wake of complaints from public passenger vehicle operators and a strike yesterday by some operators to highlight their grouse.

Following the meeting some recommendations were put forward, and will be submitted to the transport minister for consideration,

A statement from the Transport Authority this afternoon said the meeting involved representatives from the Transport Authority, Jamaica Constabulary Force, Island Traffic Authority, members of the Public Transport Operators Steering Committee and technical representatives from the ministry.

Also present were representatives from Jamaica Association of Transport Owners and Operators (JATOO), National Council of Taxi Association (NCOTA), All Voice, National Transport Alliance Group, Spanish Town Taxi Association, Jamaica Association of Hackney Contract Carriage and other sector operators.

During the review areas of contention including the nature of offences fines and demerit points set out in the road traffic act were identified and recommendations made.

The recommendations will be forwarded to the minister for consideration based on the review of the road traffic act that is currently under way.

All recommendations were agreed upon by all parties present.

The issue of suspension of drivers’ licence on because of accumulated demerit points, was also discussed and a decision taken to further discuss this matter at another meeting, in the coming week.

At the completion of that exercise the recommendation will be made to the minister for his consideration.

The question of how to resolve the issue of motorists who are issued tickets for infractions and thereafter discover that the information pertaining to driver and / or motor vehicle is incorrect was addressed.

The police have provided a 24 hour help desk at the traffic ticketing support unit at Elletson road, which can be reached via telephone call or email.

The steering committee continues to work assiduously to complete the review process and present the final recommendations to the minister by the end of this month.


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