Private Sector Organization of Jamaica calls for holistic strategy to rebuild foundations of how children are nurtured and guided

The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) is calling for a holistic strategy to rebuild the foundations of how children are nurtured and guided.

President of the PSOJ, Metry Seaga made the comment in light of recent cases of violence involving school children across the island.

Two students were murdered in recent incidents.

Speaking to IRIE FM news, Mr Seaga said the country can no longer turn a blind eye to the decay of positive values in the society.

He said a key recommendation is establishing school-based dispute resolution centres integrated within guidance counselling units and the offices of deans of discipline.

He added that staffed by conflict resolution professionals, these centres can provide a structured avenue for amicably resolving conflicts while fostering an environment of respect, understanding and peaceful co-existence.

He noted that identifying students at risk of engaging in violence or anti-social behaviour is also critical to getting ahead of the problem.

He said the PSOJ is therefore urging strategic use of data from existing interventions to equip educators and counsellors with tools for early detection and effective response.

He noted that this holistic approach to data-use will highlight the environmental, social and personal factors that often lead to violent outbursts and other anti-social tendencies among youth.

He said as the nation enters child month it must reflect on the future it is creating for children.


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