Prime Minister says Type V Health Centre to be built in Portmore, St. Catherine

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that a Type V (5) health centre is to be built in Portmore, St. Catherine.

The project is expected to cost $450 million.

It is one of the several infrastructure projects to be undertaken in the large urban settlement on which the government wants to confer parish status.

The opposition has called for consultations on the plans for Portmore to become Jamaica’s 15th parish.

There is also concern that the area is without some social amenities including a hospital.

Addressing a town hall meeting on Sunday at the Portmore Heart Academy, Mr. Holness told residents that the government has set standards for what is necessary for an area to be considered a parish.

He pointed out that among the required amenities are a hospital, a fire station and police stations.

He said Portmore has most of these, citing the need for a hospital.

The Prime Minister said ground will be broken for the health centre project in July.

He referred to the Spanish Town Hospital redevelopment project explaining that it will offer high level service in a regional way.

He said there are other issues residents want to be resolved as they contemplate Portmore becoming a parish.

The Prime Minister highlighted roads and traffic in and out of Portmore, stating that there is need for another entry to the area.


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