Prime Minister Holness says repair work at Ocho Rios Pier in St. Ann should be completed in 12 months

Repair work to be undertaken at the Ocho Rios Pier in St. Ann will take approximately 12 months.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the disclosure while speaking at the St. Ann’s Bay New Testament Church of God in the parish yesterday.

Mr. Holness also noted that during the rehabilitation period, his administration will provide some level of support for those who depend on the pier for income.

The pier was damaged in February due to flooding caused by rough seas and strong winds.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister indicated on his social media that he toured the area and saw the damage first hand.

He also noted that in the coming days, engineers and consultants will finalize the design phase and start the reconstruction.

Mr. Holness said the pier will be repaired, expanded and modernized to accommodate larger vessels, as part of efforts to enhance the capabilities of Jamaica’s ports.

Meanwhile, Mr. Holness noted that he would look into recommendations for the erection of a pier in Seville, in St. Ann’s Bay.

The suggestion was made by a leader of the St. Ann’s Bay New Testament Church of God.


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