Prime Minister Holness says bill to establish Portmore as a parish is ready, but won’t be passed in Parliament, to avoid political accusations

Though the bill to establish Portmore as Jamaica’s 15th parish is reportedly ready, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says, to avoid political wrangling, it will not be passed in Parliament.

Mr. Holness reiterates that the push for Portmore to be declared a parish is not for voting advantage, but rather to allow the area to have its own political administration.  

The comment comes in the wake of concern from the opposition about how the government is handling the push to make Portmore a parish.

The Opposition has cited a lack of adequate consultation and lack of buy-in from residents, among other issues. 

However, Mr. Holness says Portmore is evolving, and the government is facilitating the process of transition.

He assures that there is nothing to fear. 

He says a similar situation is happening in Negril, Westmoreland, with the area evolving into its own political identity.

He notes this may soon lead to it being considered to manage its own affairs. 

Meanwhile, Opposition Spokesman with special focus on Portmore, Fitz Jackson says, good sense has prevailed. 

They were speaking yesterday at the official opening of the Portmore Resilience Park, in St Catherine. 


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