Prime Minister Andrew Holness ‘Drifts’ to Teejay’s hit

Following the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP’s) 80th Annual Conference yesterday (Nov 26), a video has surfaced online of Prime Minister Andrew Holness dancing to Teejay’s hit song, ‘Drift’.

In the video making the rounds across social media, as the song blared from the speakers, the PM is being taught the dance routine by Buju Banton’s daughter and Caretaker for East Central St. Andrew, Jodian Myrie. The JLP supporters gathered at the location, cheered heartily for the Prime Minister as he Drifted with confidence.

In the comment section of the post shared to Instagram, some users praised the Prime Minister, meanwhile, others chastised him for using Dancehall when it is convenient. “And the way him fight Dancehall… him only memba it when a politics time”, shared one user. Another wrote, “That man is human, stop coming for him every time he breaks to have fun.”

Others urged Jamaicans to stay focused and not get distracted by the shenanigans. “And with one video like this, Jamaicans fall to their knees again and the government secures their votes. Stay focused Jamaica”, wrote another user.

The JLP’s 80th annual Conference got off the ground on Sunday with thousands of supporters from across the island converging in and around the National Arena in Kingston, transforming the venue into a sea of green.


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