Prime Minister assures digital identification & currency won’t be mandatory

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is assuring the nation that neither the digital identification, nor digital currency, will be mandatory.


Some Jamaicans have expressed concern about the digital transformation being undertaken by the government, pointing to, for example, the society going cashless.


Acknowledging the concerns, Mr. Holness stated that there will be strong safeguards, to ensure that personal data, and other critical information, are properly secured.


He said support will be provided to persons using technology.



While underscoring that technology will improve people’s lives, Mr. Holness chastised persons who attempt to dissuade others from using it.


Meantime, Mr. Holness has indicated that in the coming months, more government services will be offered online.


This, he said is part of efforts to make the lives of Jamaicans easier.


Speaking on the topic ‘Jamaica the road towards digital government’ at an Inter- development Bank Conference yesterday, Mr. Holness said this is an extremely important objective for Jamaica.


He said the digital transformation  is about making government services more accessible to people .


To do this, government must ensure the elimination of the digital divide, and make digital access for every Jamaican a public good.


He pointed to progress being made in building out the national broadband system and community wi-fi hotspots.


The Prime Minister is anticipating that the country will reap the rewards of digital transformation.


He said over the last seven years, there has been significant progress and the successful implementation of  several online services and initiatives, at various government agencies and departments.




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