Prime Minister Andrew Holness vows swift justice for yesterday’s gun attack on 2 high school students in Westmoreland

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has assured that the full weight of law enforcement as well as the security and legal apparatus will be brought to bear on the heartless thugs who carried out an attack on 2 Grange Hill High School students in Westmoreland, yesterday. 

The incident which police say is gang related resulted in a teen boy being killed and left a teen girl wounded. 

Dead is 16 year old Carson Barrett of Top Lincoln, in Grange Hill.

While the 15 year old female student has been admitted to hospital.

The children were shot by armed men on motorcycles just as they were leaving a school event. 

Reacting to the incident, Mr. Holness strongly condemned the killing of Barrett, due to rival gangs engaging in a shoot-out in the community. 

The Prime Minister said the incident and violence in all its forms must be condemned by all Jamaicans. 

Mr. Holness said children must be free to attend school and live in an environment that promotes peace and safety to help them fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

He said persons who prey upon children can expect no mercy, adding that the law enforcement agencies will catch up with them and bring them to justice.

He said criminals will not be allowed to win in society. 

The Prime Minister further noted that the government has been ensuring the legal framework is in place to decisively deal with gangs.

He said resources are also being provided to law enforcement to apprehend gangsters and preserve peace in communities.

Mr. Holness noted that gangs are grooming youngsters at an early age and that the government is taking decisive steps to ensure it bolsters the laws and equip the police to go after gangsters.

Holness said the thugs should receive no sympathy from decent law abiding citizens. 

The Prime Minister also reassured stakeholders in the education sector that the government will continue to act in their best interest to create a safe environment for learning.

He urged Jamaicans to avoid cowering in fear stressing that the government is resolute in addressing the problem of violence. 

The Prime Minister sought to assure  teachers, students, parents and communities that the state will not bow to criminality and lawlessness. 

He said measures will be put in place to address the Grange Hill and other incidents. 

The Prime Minister called on persons with information about the incident to tell the police what they know.


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