Prime Minister Andrew Holness blasts politicians who encourage illegal settlements

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has blasted politicians whom he says encourage illegal settlements. 

He was speaking today, at a National Social Housing Programme handing over ceremony in Clifton Bernard Lodge, St. Catherine, where several illegal settlements were demolished, last year.

Mr. Holness said those politicians who encourage illegal settlements are the same persons who call on the government to produce land titles for occupants of those settlements. 

He said these politicians do not inform citizens truthfully and create problems which have to be fixed by his government. 

Mr. Holness said his intention is not to raise political ruckus, but to highlight the need to improve the illegal settlements which are across the island. 

He called on politicians to desist from playing politics with the lives of citizens. 

Meantime, the Prime Minister says the government continues to pursue equity and order in the settlement of lands across the country. 

He said the recipients at today’s ceremony are indicative of that equity.

One of today’s recipients was a young woman whose story went viral after she was scammed into illegally purchasing property in Bernard Lodge, last year.

The authorities last year demolished several unfinished structures. 

Mr. Holness said if he does not pay attention to land settlements there will be disorder in the society. 

He said while he understands Jamaicans wanting to own land, the country is small and has a fragile eco-system. 


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