Holness and Golding urge Jamaicans to support elderly and disabled as the country observes Labour Day

Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition Leader Mark Golding are urging Jamaicans to focus on inclusion and support for the elderly and persons with disabilities. 

Their aligned messaging comes as Jamaica observes Labour Day today, under the theme “Ramp up di access…Show you care”.

In his message, Prime Minister Holness said today’s observance is a call to action and a reminder of Jamaica’s collective responsibility to uplift every member of the community.

In his message, Mr. Golding stressed that true progress is measured by how citizens uplift those who are among the most vulnerable.

Like the Prime Minister, he encouraged Jamaicans to embrace the theme and participate in one of the many Labour Day projects taking place across the island.

For Labour Day this year, Municipal Corporations across Jamaica were allocated a total of fifty-three million dollars to support Labour Day projects, with a focus on enhancing access for the disabled


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