PPV Steering Committee submits fare increase proposal to transport ministry

The Public Passenger Vehicle Steering Committee has submitted its report relating to proposals for a fare increase to Transport Minister Daryl Vaz.

The report will be discussed with other stakeholders in the transport sector, prior to deliberation by cabinet.

No decision has been taken as yet on any fare increase.

Portfolio minister gave the update during Wednesday’s post cabinet press briefing.

In response, Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, (TODSS) President Egeton Newman welcomed the update.

The steering committee had been tasked with putting together a proposal for fare adjustment for the transport sector.

A few meetings were held during which, submissions made by various taxi groups were considered.

Mr. Vaz has previously indicated that there needs to be a standard formula for determining a fare rate, a set time line for fare reviews, as well as an agreement among the various taxi associations as to the amount of increase being sought.

Taxi operators have long called for an increase, citing operational expenses, inflation, cost of living, among other factors.


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