PPV operators want at least 11 sections of the new road traffic act to be revised

Public Passenger Vehicle (PPV) operators have identified at least 11 sections of the new road traffic act, that they believe need revision.


That’s according to president of the One Voice taxi group, Oscar Finnikin, who was speaking at a press conference this morning.


Last week, the group noted that the laws requiring a child seat for transporting young children and for owners of vehicles to pay for traffic tickets, even when they were not the driver of the vehicle at the time the ticket was issued, need to be amended.


Today, Mr. Finnikin stated that if a taxi operator takes a different route, due to bad conditions on his designated route or a road blockage, he could face a fine.


He said this law needs revision as there are more serious offences with lesser fines.



Mr. Finnikin said even though some of the regulations have existed for many years, there has been no public education, to inform operators about them.



Meanwhile, he said taxi operators continue to protest because the authorities do not respond, unless industrial action is taken.


The group was the organizer behind today’s protest.


Mr. Finnikin said over time, multiple attempts were made to contact the transport minister, however there was no response until the operators took action.



He said today’s withdrawal of service by some taxi operators was due to continued unanswered requests.


According to him, the government does not care for the sector, and so PPV operators will continue to protest, until a proper compromise is made.




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