PPV operators urged to be patient as gov’t discusses options for payment of outstanding traffic tickets 

In the wake of claims that some public transport operators are planning to withdraw their services today, because they are still upset about the traffic ticket situation, a Government Minister is urging them not to jeopardize the process that is already underway.


The matter was raised during a Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) virtual meeting with Minister Without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister Floyd Green, last evening (November 30).


TODSS is not in agreement with the planned withdrawal and has asked its members not to participate.


Reference was made to the December 1 deadline, issued by Director of the Island Traffic Authority Kenute Hare, for operators to make payment for outstanding tickets.


Noting that there was a misunderstanding, or a breakdown in communication, Mr. Green sought to clarify, that there is no action to be taken, for not paying for the tickets before today.



As it relates to the call for a payment plan, Mr. Green said these matters are being considered by the Transport Minister.


He urged public transport operators to be patient and give the process time.



The operators are being urged to pay for the outstanding tickets at the courts, before the new road traffic legislation which has stiffer penalties for breaches takes effect.


Meanwhile, one taxi group has called on its members to withdraw their services today, in protest over the lack of response from the government about the proposal for a traffic ticket payment plan.


The ‘One Voice Association of Public Transport Investors and Operators’ said the withdrawal will be for today and tomorrow, and if necessary, will continue next week.


Director of Communications Oscar Finnikin said taxi operators felt threatened by the December 1 deadline issued by the island traffic authority.


He said the protest is aimed at sending a message to the government.




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