PPV operators concerned about seizure of vehicles due to licence issue assured that problem will soon be addressed 

Taxi Operators concerned about their vehicles being seized, following charges for operating contrary to their licence, are being assured that the issue will be addressed soon.

This, in the wake of complaints that operators who applied to the Transport Authority for a renewed Licence and only have a receipt, are still being targeted by Police who seize their vehicles.

The matter was raised during last evening’s virtual meeting of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services, (TODSS).

Managing Director of the  Transport  Authority  Ralston Smith was the featured Guest, and he responded to concerns raised by Operators. 

He noted that Traffic Police are aware of the challenges faced by the  Authority, with issuing  Licences at this time, and have been asked to accept the operators’ receipt, as proof of completing the process, pending resolution of the Licence problem.

The operators were adamant that the cops still seized their vehicles.

Mr.  Smith pointed out that there may be other reasons for the vehicles being seized, such as not having insurance or having mechanical defects.

He said the seizure of the operators tool of trade, ideally, should not be the applied sanction.

He noted that the pending regulations, under the new Road Traffic Act, have stipulations about not seizing a legitimate taxi, for operating contrary to the licence. 


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