Possible strikes, including at hospitals, during the Paris Olympic Games ?

A major French Union is  warning  of possible strikes, including at hospitals, during the Paris Olympics, when a massive influx of people will be in the French Capital.

The General Secretary of the cgt said the union will give a notice of strike in public services during the games, which are scheduled   for   July  to  august,  with   the paralympics  to   take place in August  and  September.

Paris’ tourism office has  predicted  that  up to 15.9 million people could visit the Paris region during July-September.

The social situation in france remains tense, amid protests from teachers, police officers and farmers in recent weeks that followed huge demonstrations last year against the rise in retirement age.

Thousands of workers will be impacted by the hosting of the Games, forced to work longer hours and postpone their holidays.

Paris Olympics organizing head Tony Estanguet said last month he hopes trade unions will not “ruin the party” by calling strikes during the games. 



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