Portland police to do walk-through of Campbell Avenue, following last night’s murder of a pregnant woman and a man

Commanding Officer for the Portland police, Superintendent, Lloyd Darby is to do a walk-through of Campbell Avenue, in Port Antonio today (May 24), following the murder of a pregnant woman and a man in the community last night.


Dead is 28-year-old Shadae Pink of Campbell Avenue and 23-year-old Keino James of John Town District, both in Port Antonio.


Reports are that at about 11:00 pm, Pink and James were among a group of people playing dominoes when a car drove up.


An armed man reportedly exited the car and opened fire hitting both.


Pink and James were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.


Meanwhile, Councillor for the Prospect Division, Wayne McKenzie, in condemning the incident said he knew the victims well.


Noting that the community is not a crime hotspot, Mr. McKenzie expressed hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.



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