Port Authority says underwater inspection at Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal to be conducted today

The Port Authority of Jamaica, (PAJ), says underwater inspection of the structure at Berth 2 at the Ocho Rios Cruise terminal in St Ann, is to be conducted today.

This is dependent on wind action and water turbidity subsiding enough to facilitate detailed examination of the structural elements by engineers and consultants.

It follows the disruption of operations at the pier on Tuesday due to inclement weather.

Videos and pictures circulated on social media showed the pier and surroundings being flooded due to rough seas and strong winds. They also showed damage to a section of the structure.

In a statement, the Port Authority explains that on Tuesday, the Carnival Magic cruise vessel docked at Berth 2.

Over 2,500 guests and crew members began disembarking.

The statement further explains that disembarkation was curtailed due to a deterioration in the weather conditions, characterized by very high winds and a significant increase in wave action.

The conditions resulted in the breaking of the vessel’s mooring ropes, damage to the breasting dolphins and the collision of the vessel with the concrete berthing structure.

The PAJ says the captain and the pilot maneuvered the vessel into open water, where it remained for some time, then returned to port in the evening.

The ship docked at the adjacent Reynolds Pier, after another vessel departed.

The PAJ states that cruise passengers who went on excursions at the time of the Carnival Magic’s unplanned departure from Berth 2 were facilitated by a hospitality team from the Ministry of Tourism, at the nearby Laughing Waters attraction.

It says cruise passengers were later allowed to re-embark the Carnival Magic.

The vessel remained in port up to Wednesday afternoon, to facilitate inspections for safety and hull integrity.

It then left Jamaica in the afternoon.


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