PopCaan’s legal team to add breach of his constitutional rights to claim

PopCaan’s lawyer Bert Samuels says an adjustment will be made to the claim filed this morning (July 8) in the Supreme Court against the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to include a breach of the Dancehall deejay’s constitutional rights.

Following statements made by the JCF, citing that the Dancehall entertainer was arrested for cocaine and marijuana, Popi has filed a lawsuit for what his legal team described as defamatory statements.

PopCaan’s attorney, Bert Samuels said the claim addresses the two libelous statements made by the JCF. Mr. Samuels further lamented that PopCaan’s constitutional rights to privacy were breached, and as such, it will be added to the claim next week.

All this stems from an incident this week after PopCaan was detained at Heathrow Airport, allegedly due to “information sent by his country” to the Home Office.

PopCaan in a social media post asked the Prime Minister to investigate why he is being held and to secure his release. It was later implied that the information that led to his detention came from Barbados and not Jamaica.

Bert Samuels tells us more.

New details are that PopCaan does not have a criminal record in Barbados.


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