Police to maintain strong presence in Whitehouse to Savanna La Mar areas as taxi operators continue protests

The Westmoreland police say they are maintaining a strong presence, in the Whitehouse to Savanna La Mar areas, as taxi operators continue their protest over a number of issues, including being ticketed.

The taxi operators who ply the Whitehouse to Savanna La Mar route, withdrew their service, on Monday morning.

They say, the police and the parish’s municipal corporation, have been forcing them to use a bus park in the northern section of savanna la mar, despite most of their passengers being in the southern part of the town.

They are calling for that to change.

Taxi operators are continuing their protest despite a meeting with Member of Parliament for Central Westmoreland George Wright and the police.

Sections of the roadway have been blocked.

They say this will continue until Sunday when a meeting with stakeholders is to take place at 2 pm.

Head of Operations for the Westmoreland police, Deputy Superintendent Adrian Hamilton told Irie Fm news that they will remain on alert.



He said he hopes Sunday’s meeting will result in an end to the demonstrations.




Irie Fm received reports this afternoon that there was heavy traffic along the Savanna La Mar to Whitehouse route, due to downed trees.


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