Police tell Govt: “pay fi di service or we work fi service yu can pay fah”

The Chairman of the Police Federation has demanded that the government pay rank and file cops a good salary, or risk having the cops only work based on what is being offered.


Corporal Rohan James has indicated that, documents from the finance ministry, about the offer to cops, under the new restructured compensation scheme, reveal that the government wants to do away with what was already set by the courts for the Federation, and instead, tie the police to the same offer made with other public sector bodies that have already accepted.


Speaking during a meeting with officers yesterday, Corporal James said the governments offer would result in cops being worse off and that he is not willing to sacrifice any of his members to that situation.



Corporal James lamented that in the past, the police were always put in a compromised position.



He said the risks of the profession are far too great for cops to compromise again.




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