Police slap three men with gun trafficking charge following recent arrest at Petrojam car park 

Police have charged the three men who were arrested on the Petrojam compound last week Thursday, after being found with guns and ammunition.

Police seized two firearms and several rounds of ammunition during the operation. 

The men have been charged with Trafficking of a Prohibited Weapon, Possession of a Prohibited Weapon with Intent to Traffic, Possession of a Prohibited Weapon, and Unauthorized Possession of Ammunition.

Charged are: 29-year-old Nicholas Freeman, otherwise called ‘Nicko’, of Trinidad Road, Kingston; 23-year-old Ryan Morrison, otherwise called ‘Alfred’ of Belvedere District, St. Andrew; and 21-year-old Akeem Moore, otherwise called ‘Brown Chops’, of Steer Town, St. Ann and Pleasant Heights, Rockfort, Kingston. 

It is reported that on Thursday November 23, lawmen carried out an operation at the Petrojam car park designated for contractors, at Marcus Garvey Drive.

A blue Toyota Yaris motorcar with the three men aboard was searched. 

Police reportedly found a Taurus 9MM pistol with a magazine containing six 9MM cartridges and a .38 revolver containing six .38 cartridges inside the motor car.

All three men were taken into custody and were charged after a question-and-answer session yesterday.

Their court date is not yet finalized.


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