Police seize high powered weapons in St James

A man is in police custody following the seizure of two firearms during a targeted police-military operation in Flanker St. James, on Tuesday morning.

Head of the St James police, Senior Superintendent Vernon Ellis said that the operation took place shortly after 7 a.m.

He said it was aimed at apprehending individuals in possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.

SSP Ellis said a black and slightly rusted rifle with a magazine affixed, along with a camouflage 9mm suppressed sub machine gun, also with a magazine affixed were seized.

He noted that the operation comes in the wake of the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Peter Johnson, O/C ‘Jolo’, by the police on February 26.

Jolo was reportedly wanted for serious crimes, including murders and shootings within the parish.

According to the divisional head, Johnson lived in the yard where today’s weapons were found.

He said the police and the Jamaica Defence Force remain resolute in the mission to rid communities of illegal firearms and to bring those responsible for perpetrating violence to justice.


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