Police say roadways blocked in sections of St Andrew north cleared

The St. Andrew north police are reporting that several roadways, which were blocked on Monday morning, have been cleared.

Residents, including students from Stony Hill, Temple Hall and Mount Ogle were left stranded, as taxi and bus operators protested over poor road conditions.

One affected resident told Irie Fm news, that the road block made it difficult for her to get to work.

She said if she were to use an alternative route, this would result in her paying more for transportation.

Meanwhile, head of the police division, Superintendent Sherika Service said all the affected roadways have been cleared.

Meantime, the police are investigating allegations, that alleged gunmen were preventing motorists from traversing sections of above rocks in st. Catherine, this morning.

Irie Fm News, understands, that some residents, who had attempted to travel through the area, were reportedly forced by the men, to return home.

Superintendent Service, who notes that sections of Above Rocks, fall under her division, says, she is aware of the allegations, and is investigating the matter.

She has sought to assure residents that the police have increased their presence in the area, to ensure their safe commute.


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