Police say Govt is withholding information about compensation review

The Jamaica Police Federation said government continues to withhold information from police associations which is critical to the discussions for the restructured compensation scheme.


Federation Chairman Corporal Rohan James is also dismissing reports that the associations have rejected the wage proposal.


Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke had announced on Tuesday that $10.2 b is allotted for the police federation, $600 m for to the police officers association and another $1 b for the united district constables association.



Corporal James stated that the reason for hesitation in signing the offer is that there is missing information in the proposal.


According to him, the associations have highlighted concerns and anomalies with the package to the ministry on multiple occasions but they are yet to receive a response.


He said the next step is to draft another letter and hope it will be addressed.



The police officers association, the police federation and  the united district constable association held a joint press conference today  to provide an update on the ongoing wage negotiation with the government




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