Police say 800 murders linked to Klansman gang since 2014.

At least 800 murders have been linked to the Klansman gang since 2014.

That’s according to Head of the Crime Portfolio, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Fitz Bailey.

He was updating the nation Thursday on a major ongoing anti-gang operation by the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Branch CTOC.

Police have been investigating the activities of the gang in the past nine months.

Meanwhile, DCP Bailey reiterated the call for gang members to refrain from a life of crime, as the security forces will not relent in bringing them to justice.

He warned that more initiatives to capture criminals will be implemented in the new year.

Several alleged members of the Klansman gang were arrested during a major anti-gang operation in St. Catherine on Thursday.

In addition to the arrests, three firearms, a quantity of ammunition, a motor car and cash were seized.

One man was also fatally shot during an alleged confrontation with the police.

DCP Bailey said the operation culminated nine months of investigations into the gang .

During this nine-month period, 31 alleged members of the gang were taken into custody.


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