Police say 35 people were murdered in Jamaica last week

At least 35 people were murdered across the country last week, bringing the nation’s murder tally to 1,329.


At least 10 of the 35 murders were committed in Clarendon.


The murders in the parish included those of three members of a single family in less than 24 hours.


Kenrick Francis, a taxi operator, was killed near his home, in Springfield last Monday. His parents 61-year-old Evan Francis and 46-year-old Alecia Francis were shot and killed a day later.


Eighty-three people have been killed in Clarendon up to Saturday, November 5.


Meantime, St. James continues to lead the murder tally with 181 people killed in the parish.


This is 47 more than the 134 murders recorded in the similar period last year.


St. James is followed by Westmoreland which has 126 murders and St. Catherine North with 124.


Murders across the island are up 8% when compared with 2021.


Shootings, however, are down by 5% with some 53 fewer cases being recorded this year compared with 2021.









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