Police officer shot and wounded in gun attack in Downtown Kingston this morning, hospitalized in stable condition

The police officer who was shot and wounded in a gun attack in Downtown Kingston this morning remains hospitalized in stable condition.

This, according to the Police High Command, which has condemned what it described as the brazen attack on its officers. 

The incident left four alleged gunmen dead and resulted in the seizure of five firearms including two rifles.

In a statement this afternoon, the Police High Command said the violent act represents a direct assault, not only on the members of the Constabulary Force, but also on the state. 

It said such actions challenge the rule of law and the security framework that protects the society. 

The High Command extended best wishes for a swift and full recovery to the police constable from the Kingston West division who sustained gunshot wounds in the line of duty. 

It noted that it stands with the officer and his family during this challenging time.

Meantime, the High Command has commended the officers involved in the incident for the bravery they displayed. 

It said their decisive actions led to the recovery of five firearms, including two high-powered assault rifles, significantly enhancing the safety of communities. 

The High Command discouraged high risk violent offenders from using firearms against law enforcement personnel, noting that officers will continue to leverage their superior training and tactics in all such confrontations. 

It said it is imperative that officers not only prevail, but also return safely to their families after each shift.

The High Command further assured its members that it will stand behind them in the lawful execution of their duties. 


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