Police looking into possibility that series of bomb threats is coordinated attempt to disturb social order and create chaos

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) says it is investigating whether or not the series of bomb threats is a coordinated attempt to disturb social order and create chaos in the country.

The police say in recent days Jamaica has witnessed an alarming escalation in bomb threat incidents, which have significantly contributed to panic and instability.

The latest incidents happened today with bomb threats reported at the New Kingston shopping center, and the office of the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA).

SERHA says staff members were sent home while the security forces investigate. 

However, SERHA states that hospitals, health centers and health departments under its management have not been affected.

The JCF says while investigators have made an arrest and charged one individual with causing public mischief, investigations continue to establish whether this person is connected to the other bomb threat hoaxes that have occurred since last week. 

The JCF in collaboration with local and international law enforcement partners, says it is diligently pursuing all leads to apprehend and charge the perpetrators involved in these malicious acts.

It states that those found responsible for the bomb threats will face serious legal consequences. 

In addition to public mischief charges, they may also be subject to charges under the Cyber Crimes and Terrorism Prevention acts. 

These are grave offenses with severe penalties, reflecting the seriousness with which the police view these acts.

The police add that it will continue to bring to bear all the human and technological resources at its disposal, to ensure that those who are responsible are brought to justice.

The JCF again urges all individuals to refrain from participating in or propagating such hoaxes.

It says these actions are not merely pranks; but are serious crimes with real-world consequences. 

It is appealing to the public to report any suspicious activity and to support the JCF in efforts to safeguard communities.


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