Police identify three women killed in St. James crash

The three women who died in a car crash, at the intersection of the Ironshore and Morgan’s road in St. James, on Sunday morning, have been identified.

Dead are 55-year-old Donna Brown of Winter Gardens, Florida in the United States, 59-year-old Sandra Reid, and 25-year-old Savana Lee, of Minneola, also in Florida.

The women are said to be related.

Reports are that about 12:20 a.m., a Subaru motor car, and a Toyota Axio motor car, were travelling in opposite directions, along the roadway, when upon reaching the traffic light at the intersection, both vehicles collided, as one of them attempted to make a turn.

The three women, who were passengers in the Toyota Axio motor car, were flung from the vehicle, and sustained injuries.

They were pronounced dead at hospital.

The driver of both vehicles, and another passenger from the Toyota Axio motor car were also admitted for treatment.

The drivers have been warned for prosecution.

Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council , Dr Lucien Jones, lamented the death of the women, saying the crash was tragic, and preventable.


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