Police Federation to take position on compensation review issues

The Jamaica Police Federation says its annual conference will take a position on matters related to the compensation review agreement it signed with the finance ministry.


Federation Chairman Corporal Rohan James says the finance ministry knows that rank and file officers are not better off.


A memorandum of understanding signed in March allowed for $10.2 b to be paid to policemen and policewomen represented by the federation.


Corporal James adds that there are anomalies yet to be resolved, pointing out that the finance ministry has been slow in responding to correspondence from the federation.



Corporal James says the compensation review has left police officers in a predicament, which is their own doing.



He said with a three hundred percent increase in other areas, the wake up call has been sounded.


Corporal James was speaking at the 80th annual joint conference of the police federation underway at the ocean coral spring hotel in Trelawny.


It’s being held under the theme: focused together, one path, one goal through excellence and commitment.




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