Police Corporal shot and wounded during confrontation with armed men in Spalding, yesterday

A police corporal was shot and wounded during an alleged confrontation with armed men in Spalding, yesterday.

The policeman, who was hit in the chest, was treated at hospital. 

Head of the Manchester Police, Deputy Superintendent Carey Duncan said the Corporal was among a team responding to a call when they were fired on by armed men.

He said the Corporal sustained a gunshot to the chest, but fortunately, his bulletproof vest prevented serious injury.

Following the incident, he was transported to the hospital for treatment and was later released.

One Glock .40 pistol was recovered from the scene.

Police Commissioner Dr. Kevin Blake was in the parish for the Area 3 commissioners conference. 

Dr. Blake, and senior officers, visited the incident scene to get a first hand understanding of the situation. 

The Police High Command is urging persons to surrender peacefully and comply with lawful orders. 

Residents are being reminded that they should not harbour criminals.


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