Police constable hospitalized after he was shot and wounded, while foiling a robbery at a store in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew

A police constable who was shot and wounded while foiling a robbery at a store on a plaza in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew today, has been hospitalized in stable condition.

The police federation said the wounded cop was hit in his arm, and that the wound is not life threatening. 

A statement from the Constabulary Communications Unit said the constable is undergoing treatment at a hospital for wounds sustained during a robbery at a business establishment on Constant Spring road. 

Reports from the Half Way Tree police are that about 11:20 a.m., the officer entered the store while the robbery was underway.

Upon seeing the officer, one of the armed robbers reportedly opened fire at the lawman.

The cop took evasive action and returned fire. 

Further reports are that the assailants managed to escape from the area. 

Meantime, police report that the store’s owner was stabbed during the incident and had to seek medical attention. 

Investigators suspect that one of the robbers was shot and wounded during the exchange. 

They are seeking a woman who was involved in the incident and has also been linked to other robberies in recent times.

This, as police say they are actively pursuing those responsible for this robbery and other similar incidents in the area. 

Members of the public are urged to provide any information they may have regarding this incident by calling the police.

In the meantime, the Police High Command has advised officers to remain vigilant at all times, given the violent nature of their working environment. 

Today’s incident follows one in St. Ann’s Bay St. Ann, in which another police man intervened when he noticed a female vendor being robbed.

In that incident, Constable Ricardo Fairclough was shot and later died at hospital. 


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