Police concerned about overcrowding at the island’s lock-ups

Members of the Constabulary force have expressed concern about overcrowding at the island’s lock up’s .

The concern was raised by police officers at yesterday’s session of the 81st annual joint central conferences of the Jamaica Police Federation.

A member of the Constabulary lamented that the island’s jails are bursting at the seams, and that the issue is compounded by under-staffing.

He said a jail meant to hold 15 people, sometimes has over 40 remandees.

In response to the concerns, Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang noted that the Government is exploring solutions to the issue, such as building additional holding space.

He noted that Government is also looking at alternatives to holding non-violent offenders in jails.

These include community service.

Dr. Chang added that Government is looking at how it can increase the space in current facilities to address overcrowding, with the aim to build a new prison in the long term.

He said a specialized unit to hold high-risk prisoners is also being looked at.


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