Police Commissioner stresses importance of having professional officers in the JCF, not just more boots on the ground

Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson has stressed the importance of recruiting new members of the force, who can be professional officers, versus just focusing on increasing the number of boots on the ground.


He was reacting to calls from sections of society, for the constabulary to boost its presence in various areas, as part of efforts to tackle crime and violence, or maintain order.


Speaking at a town hall in Montego Bay, St. James last evening (February 9) Commissioner Anderson acknowledged the complaints that more cops are needed in troubled sections of western parishes.


There were also complaints of limited resources, such as service vehicles, and other equipment.


Commissioner Anderson said over the years the JCF has been recruiting and training more persons. He said just having the numbers will not solve the problem.



He noted that the new members must have the right attitude.



Commissioner Anderson added that the intention is to provide police divisions with an adequate number of cops who can deliver quality service.



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