Police appeal to persons with information regarding Melissa Silvera’s death to come forward

The police are appealing to anyone with information regarding the death of Melissa Silvera, the wife of former parliamentarian Jolyan Silvera, to come forward.

Head of the Crime portfolio Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey made the appeal yesterday, while giving an update on the investigation into the matter.

Mr. Silvera was arrested yesterday, after being deemed a suspect in his wife’s death.

DCP Bailey commended the investigative team for the work so far in the case.

Reports are that last November Melissa Silvera died in her sleep and police initially deemed it as being of natural cause.

However, during the autopsy, bullet fragments were found in Melissa’s body.

The police then upgraded the case to a murder investigation and subsequently questioned Jolyan. 

Melissa was laid to rest last week, following a funeral service in Kingston. 

Yesterday, investigators took Jolyan into custody and up to late last evening, he was being interviewed in the presence of his attorney, Peter Champagnie.


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