PNP Women’s groups take issue with gender card used by government members to criticize Golding’s comment about appointment of House Speaker

The People’s National Party’s Women’s Movement and the Party’s Women’s Commission have taken issue with the gender card being used by government members, in relation to the comments about the speaker of the house by opposition leader Mark Golding.

This, after acting Leader of Government Business and Gender Minister Olivia Grange claimed the comments by the opposition leader infringed on women’s empowerment.

In response, co-chair of PNP’s Gender Commission Ethnie Miller Simpson said women’s empowerment should not be used as a ‘get out of jail’ card.

Mrs Miller-Simpson said the concern lies not with the gender of the speaker, but with her performance.

She was supported by the PNP’s Women Movement which noted that the conflict would persist, regardless of the genders involved, as the issue lies in the inherent conflict between the roles of speaker and prime minister.

It said the country must not conflate legitimate discourse on matters concerning the nation with accusations of misogyny.

It said any attempt to do so would only hinder efforts toward achieving genuine gender parity and equality.


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