PNP to seek magisterial recounts for Southboro & Llandewey

The opposition People’s National Party (PNP) says it will seek magisterial recounts in two divisions.

These are the Southboro division in St. Catherine East Central and Llandewey in St. Thomas western.

The final count from Monday’s Local Government Election showed the Jamaica Labour Party’s Andrea Patience 1,316 votes to the PNP’s Edwin Marr with 1,309 votes in the Llandewey division.

While in the Southboro division, the JLP’s Damara Lawson polled 1,008 votes to the PNP’s Everton Shakes who polled 1,005 votes.

General secretary of the PNP, Dr. Dayton Campbell says the party will be filing the documents in court today.

Meantime, the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) completed the final count of ballots last night.

The results show the JLP with majority in 7 parishes and the PNP winning 5.

Kingston and St. Andrew ended in a tie with the PNP and the JLP winning 20 seats each.

The party with the popular vote or highest number of votes for that corporation will assume chairmanship.

The PNP won the majority of the divisions and the position of mayor of the Municipality of Portmore.


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