PNP says removal of Meadows as provisional candidate following comments on political platform should be warning to other members

President of the People’s National Party (PNP) Mark Golding says the removal of Dennis Meadows as the Party’s provisional candidate for Northern Trelawny should be viewed as a warning to all persons who serve under his leadership.

The PNP announced the removal of Mr. Meadows this morning.

It follows the circulation of a video on social media, in which Mr. Meadows made comments about lottery scammers.

He has been criticized by some members of the public, who say his comments indicate his support of lottery scamming.

Meadows has since withdrawn the comments and apologized.

In a statement this morning, Mr. Golding said Mr Meadows’ continuation as the candidate for North Trelawny is untenable, following his egregious remarks, given that scamming is one of Jamaica‘s most serious national security challenges.

He said the PNP is demanding higher standards of accountability.

Noting that Jamaica will no longer tolerate weak, unprincipled leaders, Mr. Golding said Jamaicans deserve better and that he will give it to them.

He noted, however, that the PNP is grateful for the contributions made by Mr. Meadows during his time as provisional candidate.


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