PNP says recent poll indicates that party has surged ahead of JLP

People’s National Party (PNP) President Mark Golding says he is encouraged by the results of a recent poll indicating that his party has surged ahead of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party.


The findings of the Don Anderson poll, commissioned by the PNP were released at a press conference this morning.


The PNP has a 5.2% lead against the JLP with 30.2% of voters indicating they would vote PNP compared to 25 % who expressed support for the JLP.


  1. 6% of Jamaicans also believe that the JLP does not deserve a third term in office, compared to 31.6% who believe they do.


Reacting to the poll findings this morning, Mr. Golding said the PNP will continue to do the work it needs to do, on the ground, to get to the people.



The PNP President, who is now neck and neck with the prime minister in terms of favorability, believes that issues relating to corruption have affected the JLP and led to the rise of the PNP


He said Jamaicans can see the difference in the PNP’s approach to the issue of corruption, while noting that all PNP members have signed the Integrity Commission’s code of conduct.



He pledged that the next PNP government will prioritize addressing issues such as crime and violence, the dysfunctional education system, and climate change.





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