PNP says adjustments of NCB ABMs highlight extent of crime plague

The opposition People’s National Party, says the recent adjustments to the National Commercial Bank, NCB‘s Automated Banking Machine, (ABM), network, severely highlight the extent, to which crime and violence have plagued the country.

On Monday, NCB announced changes to its network, following a review of the risk profile, at each location.

These changes include, the temporary closure of some of its 24-hour machines at night, and or the permanent closure of some locations.

ABMs that were previously subject to vandalism or theft have not been replaced.

There have also been attacks on security guards who were servicing ABMs, with some being wounded, and one killed.

Opposition spokesperson on finance, Julian Robinson told Irie Fm news, that although NCB‘s adjustments are aimed at ensuring the safety of customers, employees, and service providers, customers will be impacted by the changes.

Noting that other banks may make similar adjustments, Mr. Robinson said steps must be taken by these banks to ensure that customers, have options to carry out transactions.

He also stressed the need for sensitization about online banking, for senior citizens.


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