PNP promises to aid Bernard Lodge residents in taking legal action against the government

The People’s National Party, PNP, says it will be helping residents of Bernard Lodge, to take legal action against the government, seeking full compensation, for their houses, which were demolished.

The houses which were being constructed, on illegally acquired land, were demolished on Thursday.

According to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, the government had received information, that gangsters were selling land, to unsuspecting persons near the Clifton area.

A team from the PNP visited the residents in Clifton Lodge on Sunday, and held discussions with the residents, about the demolition of their homes.

The team led by Mayor N orman Scott, included Member of Parliament, for St Catherine South, Fitz Jackson, Patricia Duncan Sutherland, attorney Isat Buchanan, and several councilors.

Speaking on the PNP team’s visit, opposition leader Mark Golding, noted that the party, intends to provide legal and financial assistance to the individuals.


Mr Golding noted, that counseling will be provided for the residents.




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