PNP President rallies supporters in quest to rescue Jamaica from the JLP

President of the Peoples National Party Mark Golding today sought to rally party supporters and citizens of Jamaica together in a quest to rescue the country from the Jamaica Labour Party in the next general election.


Speaking at the party’s annual conference in Kingston, Mr. Golding highlighted what he deemed several areas of failure by the governing JLP administration.


He also cited the historical role past PNP administrations played in rescuing the nation, then offered hope to Jamaicans by indicating the party’s framework and mission, should it form the next government.


Mr. Golding reiterated many of the plans and projects that have already been promised by the PNP, to include changes to ganja legislation, removal of the need for a guarantor at the Students Loan Bureau, paternity leave for fathers, educational opportunity for at risk youth, reform of the agricultural sector, and cutting ties with Britain.


Also promised, is the installation of broadband internet service in every home.


Mr. Golding also pledged that a PNP led administration will facilitate greater input from creatives in the country’s economy and culture.




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